Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Four Years of The Disney Project… and Counting!

I know the “big” anniversaries end in 5 and 0, so maybe I’ll throw a party next year. But for now, I would like to say thanks to all of you. On June 25, 2011, I started a tiny little Disney fan blog. A few months later, I began writing for a major Disney fan site. And then another. And then another. Since I guess I’m waiting for next year to honor the site’s 5th anniversary, I’ll save the ever-intriguing “history of The Disney Project” till then. But for now, let’s talk about the future.

I have definitely slowed way down on my Disney writing and even podcasting. What do busy people say? “Life got in the way”? Well busy people are right. It can. It does. It did. But now, it took a bit of a sidestep. I am writing this post from my couch, waiting for 2 more hours to tick by so I can head to SFO and board my first ever flight to Asia, and both Asia Disney resorts. It goes without saying that I am beside myself with anticipation. I am also, however, looking forward to what's in store for The Disney Project.

After my return from Asia (early July), I have a few “Disney projects” planned for you guys (see what I did there). I am actually pretty excited about each of them, so much so that I decided to give you all the sneak peak from my couch.

Project 1: If you live in/near the Bay Area, please use this notice as a “Save the Date”. The Disney Project will be bringing you its 2nd live event in San Francisco on Saturday, November 14. Our last event was a huge success, and for that I can’t thank those who attended enough. Event number two will be smaller in scale, but just as exciting. More details are forthcoming, but for now, please set November 14, 2015 aside.

Project 2: The Disney Project is going to delve into the world of vlogging! Not weekly, mind you, since I live nowhere near a Disney park. However I do live near The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, so expect the occasional episode from there. Additionally, when I do visit the parks, I may have some cool things to share with you guys. I am also lucky enough to be friends with a Disney personality or two, so be on the lookout for possible cameos. Like Project #1, more details to come.

Project 3: But the most exciting, and by far, the most important part of our Disney Project, in fact, the heart of everything—is a book. Yep, finally! I have written for so many different Disney sites over the years, I have been asked more than once as to when I was going to join the world of Disney authors. Well the answer is, 2016. I have what I believe to be a pretty neat idea, and once again, more details to come. This project is the one I am the most excited about, because out of all of my creative endeavors, writing is the one I actually do fairly well.  

That’s it for now, folks. I just wanted to give you guys a quick update before I depart for Asia. If you’re reading this, and technically you are, thank you so much for supporting my little Disney fan blog. I’m so excited about what’s coming up, and I’ll do my best to make these projects entertaining for you.

~ Keith

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Disney Project Podcast--Episode 19: TRON

Guy Selga from joins us this month to chat about all things TRON. The original TRON, TRON: Legacy, TRON's once and future presence in the Disney Parks, and even TRON: Ascension are covered in this episode of The Disney Project Podcast. If you're a TRON fan, this is an episode you won't want to miss.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Five Things You Should Know Before Visiting Disneyland Paris

I am pleased to announce that I am writing for my 4th major Disney-related site: The DIS. This will be fun for me as it will allow for a different style of writing. My posts on The DIS will be largely opinion pieces, with the teensiest of Disney history thrown in. Enjoy!

In December of 1985, Michael Eisner and Frank Wells (Disney’s then-CEO and COO, respectively) signed a letter of intent with then-French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius to build the Euro Disney project in Marne-la-VallĂ©e, France. On March 24, 1987, Eisner and then-Prime Minister Jacques Chirac signed an agreement stipulating that construction move forward. On April 12, 1992, the Euro Disney Resort opened.

Since opening day the resort has undergone several name changes, welcomed a second park, and dealt with some vexatious financial moments. It has persevered, however, and to this day remains one of the top tourist destinations in all of Europe.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Disney and Lionel

When Walt Disney commissioned artist Herb Ryman to create a piece of concept art of Disneyland to show to the bankers, his instructions were clear: “Herbie,” Walt said, “I just want it to look like nothing else in the world. And it should be surrounded by a train.” Walt’s love for trains can be traced all the way back to his days as a young boy growing up in Marceline, Missouri, and spanned the breadth of his amazing life.

Walt with his girls on the Lilly Belle
Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company, ©Disney

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Modern Mouse Radio: Walt's Epcot

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the popular Disney podcast Modern Mouse Radio. Host Josh Taylor and I had a really fun chat about EPCOT the city.


We talk about what would have worked about it, what wouldn't have, but mostly how awesome it would have been. Let us know your thoughts!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Goodbye Maelstrom

Filmed over Maelstrom’s last weekend (Oct 3-6, 2014) “Goodbye Maelstrom” includes information about the attraction, the Norway Pavilion itself, and some notable happenings from the final weekend’s festivities. We also had the pleasure of chatting with a few Disney Twitter/IG folks: @DisRunner, @Dibadisney, @DisneyfiedAsh, @Communicore82, @WDWNT, @ericarose, and @ErinFra all lend their voices to pay tribute to the beloved dark ride.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Celebrating 50 Years of Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins turned 50 last week, and in its honor we talk about it over on Storyboard, the official blog of The Walt Disney Family Museum.

Walt having a Jolly Holiday with Mary
photo © The Walt Disney Company

“After a long concentration on live-action and cartoon films, we decided to try something that would employ about every trick we had learned in the making of films. We would combine cartoon and live-action in an enormous fantasy: Mary Poppins.”
—Walt Disney

Arguably one of the most beloved films of all time, Mary Poppins premiered on August 27, 1964. And in the fifty years since its release, it hasn’t lost a step (in time). If you’re curious how it’s rated on the popular film-review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, it scores a modest 100%.

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