Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Talking Water Fountain in Epcot

Trip Report

A few years ago when I was passed the point of WDW rookie, but not quite yet a WDW seasoned vet, I performed a search for something I was told existed in Epcot; a talking water fountain.

I thought I knew where it was, but I was unable to locate it. I asked a few CMs (cast members), but they were no help. The day before a friend and I had tried to locate it on our way to retrieve Test Track Fastpasses, but to no avail. This had become a mission, and Guest Relations, with their fancy plaid-vested CMs, were just the chaps I needed to recruit.

As I entered Guest Relations, the line was short in length, but not in time. Usually people go there for resolution to at least somewhat complicated issues, and this day proved no different. A CM came out from the side door and began talking to people in line, trying to see if he could be of assistance as to lessen our wait time. I instantly hoped I would be called up to the desk before he got to me, because dammit, he wasn’t wearing a plaid vest!

He eventually made his way to me, and ended up being the coolest freakin’ CM I would ever encounter.

I regaled him with tales of a fountain so magical, it would speak to you as you imbibed its water. He was intrigued. He had never heard of such a thing, but assured me he would get to the bottom of my query. I sat and waited, and he came out to tell me that I must mean the magical brass bowl-thing in the China shop that hummed when you rubbed it. I begged to differ. I went into further detail, and outlined its possible former location. He adjourned to the back once more, and came out with semi-good news. “It may still exist, but, it might be gone. Let’s go to where it should be according to my friend.”

Let’s go indeed.

My new best friend Elton and I traveled the 100 feet over to the Fountain of Nations, and took a left towards Mouse Gear. We looked around, and at first we didn’t see anything. But then, we found it! A stainless steel box with two water fountains jutting out. Positive we were in the right location, we both tested the fountain. But alas, the talking feature was no more. I was a little sad because even though it’s not a huge deal, I love stuff like that. It’s one of the touches that set Disney far and away above other places. We went inside Mouse Gear to peruse the very book that mentioned the fountain just to make sure, and that was it. I felt bad that I dragged this poor CM all the way to the Fountain of Nations and then Mouse Gear from Guest Relations. But he was so friendly and fun to talk to, we had a blast just hanging out. Upon exiting Mouse Gear, he and I simultaneously came up with an idea, and that idea manifested into one of my all-time favorite pics!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the talking water fountain in Epcot:


  1. LMAO... love it! And seriously...I've heard of the talking fountain and am sad that it's gone. :( There's a few other things like this to we'll have to go find!

  2. Yeah I love the little hidden Disney touches. Sounds like a plan!

  3. It DID at one time exist. If I recall correctly, as you headed toward the back of the park, if you went to the left of the Fountain of Nations, it was a little less than halfway around. (If the fountain was a clock it would be at 8:30 or so.)

    1. Yeah I think the fountain we found was the former talking one, just without the talking feature. Bummer it was gone, but I met a great CM that day!

  4. It does still exist gosh ur hillarious you were in the wrong place look it up on youtube look at what its attached to.

  5. I can't believe I'd never even heard of the talking fountain before! And now I'm sad that I missed out on seeing it! I guess I'll just have to see it next time I go to Disney.

    Sarah | Luxe Water Walls

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