Monday, June 3, 2013

The Disney Project Podcast--Episode 8: Welcome to Jerry Rees Month

Welcome to Jerry Rees month! 

The Disney Project will celebrate its 2-year anniversary by devoting the entire month of June to one of the most talented directors Disney has ever worked with. In episode 8 of The Disney Project Podcast, Jerry joins Keith to talk about just some of the many projects he's done for Disney. The original TRON, The First 50 Magical Years featuring Steve Martin, the updated O' Canada film, and Mystic Manor are a few that come up. He also gives us a little teaser as to what he's working on now, that will debut in a Disney park in 2015. Which Disney park? Listen to find out!

Keith with Jerry--February 2013

Your listening options are: iTunes, the direct podcast’s page, or via the window below. Enjoy!

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