Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Disney Project Podcast--Episode 9: CineMagique

Jerry returns to wrap up the wonderfully successful Jerry Rees month, and this time chats about a little film he directed called CinéMagique (aka the best in-park film Disney has ever done). In episode 8 of The Disney Project Podcast, Keith--maybe the world's biggest CinéMagique fan--challenged Jerry to stump him with some trivia questions about the film. In episode 9 Jerry comes prepared with a full "baker's dozen" of questions, ready to give Keith a run for his money.

There are tons of amazing details Jerry shares about the making of the film, scenes that were supposed to be featured but never were, as well as the symbolism of many of the scenes.

This is a podcast no CinéMagique fan should miss!

Your listening options are iTunes, the direct podcast’s page, or via the window below. Enjoy!

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